Sasha Maps
GWT-based maps API

Sasha Maps is a GWT-based SDK for displaying and interacting with maps in the browser (similar to the client side of Google Maps API).


The Latest Release

This release is dedicated entirely to bugfixes, so unfortunately there are no juicy new features. The previous release had these highlights:

Read the full changelog and the updated tutorial.

Why Sasha Maps

Sasha Maps offers the following advantages over other map-displaying libraries:


Sasha Maps is released under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. The source code released under this license is obfuscated. If you wish to obtain a license for commercial purposes, contact me at A commercial license costs $500 per application in which Sasha Maps is used. If you wish to receive the complete, unobfuscated source code with the license, it costs an additional $1000. You will receive free updates for a year with either option.

Map Data

Sasha Maps does not include any map data or tiles - it is merely a library allowing you to build an application which will show maps. To actually display maps on your website, you need to either use your own maps or obtain permission from the party which owns the map data and/or tiles. I am in no way encouraging, or responsible for, unauthorized use of anyone's map data and/or tiles.